Top React Static Site Generators for 2022

Top React Static Site Generators for 2022

ReactJS is a JavaScript library this is open supply and maintained with the aid of using the well-known corporation Facebook in conjunction with a developers’ community.

This library (Also convert-capable of the framework) is used notably in growing person interfaces for net applications. There are such a lot of equipment that assist in net and app improvement however amongst all just a few are desired with the aid of using the firms.

Facebook’s ReactJS is one in all them. With the plethora of frameworks to be had those days, it’s difficult to discover a framework that would in the long run now no longer grow to be a useless end. After researching, we propose you go together with ReactJS.

Why React with Static?

Front-quit improvement is at the vanguard due to the intuitive APIs of ReactJS. Developers use React.js for component-primarily based totally client-aspect software improvement, which aids splendid consumer experience.

React allows server-aspect rendering to lessen the users’ overall performance prices via way of means of saving their UX penalty for single-web page packages SPA. There aren't anyt any server-protection static web sites with react, and those static webweb sites carry out a whole lot higher in Google indexing.

Advantages of Static Site Generators

Below are the benefits of using SSG over CMS:

Loading Speed

A dynamic internet site constructed the use of a content material control gadget pulls records from the database on every occasion the consumer requests a web page of a content material-heavy web page.

This manner might also additionally devour time and reasons a delay, which frustrates the consumer. Whereas in case you construct your internet site the use of a static webweb page generator, it affords a compiled record on the browser.

This way, the SSG webweb page hundreds quicker and satisfies your consumer.

No Back-end

You do now no longer want an internet server or a database while constructing your internet site the use of SSG. You can without delay host your webweb page at the CDN (content material shipping network), which improves your net performance.

Secure and Reliable

While you construct your internet site the use of a CMS, it would require extra plugins, and with every plugin, there comes a better protection vulnerability.

On the contrary, whilst you operate an SSG to your internet site development, you do now no longer want to run any greater code at the server-aspect that offers a risk to protection.

There is a negligible danger of a server crash in comparison to the CMS sites. All the pages of an SSG internet site are saved together. Thus, pinnacle static web website online turbines construct a dependable and stable internet site.

Flexible and Scalable

Websites constructed the use of SSG don't have any database calls that velocity their performance, and this pliability guarantees short consequences at the browser.

When you host your web website online at the CDN, all of the pages of your web website online can serve them in a couple of places, enhancing your scalability.

Better Developer Experience

If you construct your internet site the usage of a headless CMS, you ought to hold separate generation stacks in your builders and the advertising team. Using SSG, you make certain unfastened coupling and lots higher debugging, which eases builders’ tasks.

Low Maintenance

You do now no longer want to appearance after the database even as constructing your internet site with SSGs, this means that much less to bother, maintain, and hold a check. At the identical time, you pay much less for saving costs.

Here, we've got offered a listing of our favourite React Static Site Generators, which can be the finest. Using those SSGs, you could construct amazingly appealing and content-proper websites. You will be relieved with the benefit it permits and spare time because of its rapid improvement speed.

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Top React Static Site Generators to Use in 2022

Gatsby is the famous static webweb page generator used withinside the professional ReactJS internet site. Gatsby become launched in 2015 and is unfastened and open-source.

It collaborates nicely with the React environment and makes use of GraphQL, a wealthy plugin for third celebration offerings and API. Gatsby comes along side many starters’ templates, and it really works through the PWA guidelines.

As you broaden your internet site the usage of Gatsby correctly, it masses in no time. You can don't forget it a present day front-stop framework that makes use of static documents for quicker web page masses. Gatsby has an splendid GitHub network maintaining 10.2k forks and 52.5k stars.


This static webweb page generator is written withinside the Golang programming language, and you could use it inside your ReactJS application. Hugo is likewise a unfastened and open-supply framework with greater than three hundred themes.

The excellent element approximately Hugo is that it takes much less than one millisecond for a web page to load, making customers get a whole internet site inside one second. Hugo helps Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and different working systems.

It additionally aids menus, taxonomies, numerous content material types, dynamic APIs, and different plugins for constructing a laugh React websites. GitHub network is robust with 6.5k forks and 57.5k stars.

React Static

The React group created this new static webweb page generator to triumph over the drawbacks of different SSGs in order that your builders could have a higher experience. Using React Static, your internet site permits quicker information streaming from supply to route.

React Static has a shorter mastering curve, so your builders could be extra than satisfied to apply it. It contains prop mapping functionalities along side information ingestion and querying.

There had been no court cases concerning information colocation and dynamic information. With a fan-following of 10k stars on GitHub, React Static is making its manner like Gatsby and different tested React SSGs.


Zeit created the Next javascript framework for growing static net packages the use of React and server-aspect rendering. You don’t require any pre-specifications like Webpack configuration or a Node.js server.

Next.js is but to face upright for the static add and routing issues. It continues to be a fantastic desire on your subsequent net software improvement the use of ReactJS. Next.js holds a distinguished 17.2k forks and 82.9k stars on GitHub.


Cuttlebelle is a relatively much less famend SSG, however its miles a top notch framework that continues enhancing and code worries separate. You can extend your opportunities via way of means of combining Cuttlebelle with React components.

Your entrepreneurs and coders now have their precise domain names maintaining them from interruptions. Using this framework, you could create JavaScript XML, compose layouts, fetch facts from outside APIs, adopt Jest-testing, and installation without hesitation. Cuttlebelle has simply began out developing on GitHub with 28 forks and 511 stars.


Across the globe, the maximum extensively used SSG is Jekyll, particularly for eCommerce web sites and blogs. Though it turned into constructed the use of Ruby, Jekyll can display its poand Reactwell.

It makes use of importers for short migration. Jekyll presents your hosting at no cost in conjunction with GitHub pages. It has a big network on GitHub, enrolling 9.7k forks and 44.2k stars.


Phenomic is a modular internet site compiler in which you could use React as a renderer and Webpack as a bundler. Your builders could have the revel in of constructing a full-blown internet site or app the use of this static web page generator react.

Phenomic does have a handful of assets together with a document to construct your React weblog app. With this SSG, you could construct a high-appearing search engine marketing internet site with a first rate and fast consumer revel in. On GitHub, Phenomic collects 293 forks and 3.3k stars.


The Founder of SurviveJ has constructed Antwar, a blog-conscious static engine the use of React and Webpack. You can create your custom designed pages with the aid of using combining layouts and content material on pinnacle of configurations the use of Antwar.

You can construct web sites the use of Antwar which can be friendly, speedy, and extensible. Antwar has 34 forks and 464 stars on GitHub.


Docusaurus is incredibly likeminded with a huge variety of integration, and it additionally helps seek capabilities and photograph tuning tools. Using MDX, you could use Docusaurus for the static internet site to offer a static Reactjs site. On Github, it has a network of 4.4k forks and 31.3k stars.

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